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Lets cooperate

If you or your company is looking for reliable high quality supplier of engineering and consulting services in the field of industrial or civil construction engineering and machinery construction engineering in this case OJSC "Remontno-tekhnologicheskaya kompaniya" (RTK) is being glad to offer one's services.

RTK is ready to perform for you the full complex of different purpose designing works for the industrial and civil construction engineering, and namely:

  • in the field of technological consulting and planning - designing of technology of production and technological lines in conformity with russian standards of System of design documents for construction.

  • in the field of building - designing of general architectural and construction treatments, metal and reinforced concrete building structures and so on according to russian standards of System of design documents for construction. Technological planning for construction work conducting.

  • in the field of power engineering - designing of water-supply, air-supply and heat-supply systems; waste-water disposal systems and sewerages. Planning of air-conditioning, ventilation and heating of rooms and production areas. Designing of equipments for boiler houses and one's technological planning.

  • in the field of electric power engineering - designing of electric-power supply systems, interior and exterior lighting systems, also power electrical equipments design end technologies in conformity with russian standards of System of design documents for construction.

  • in the field of machinery construction - mechanical equipment design included nonstandard one's; designing of press dies and other mechanical tools. Technological planning for engineering work conducting.

Our engineers

RTK has existed and successfully done its services for 16 years ago. Our company were established in 1993 from the experienced designers staff of former branch of the trust "Centrdomnaremont" (Department of ferrous metallurgy). At that bygone time mentioned company specialized on technological planning and equipment and tools design for major repairs conducting such objects as blast furnaces, coal-agglomeration factories and other metallurgical and metal-rolling production aggregates.

Our products

Engineering specialization of RTK was considerably extended since that time. Nowadays more then 20 skilled employees are working in RTK.

All RTK offered services are licensed according to russian technical legislation. Also in conformity with the latest legislative alteration RTK has become a member of self-regulation organization - non-commercial partnership "Proektnye organizacii Severo-Zapada" (english translation of its name is roughly as "Union of design engineering organizations of North-West Region of Russia"). This may to get you some insurance for performed services.

Our company is permanent business partner for different big industrial enterprises and research branch institutes for a period of many years. Our engineers and designers already show oneself to advantage by their professionalism and high technical level of fulfilled projects.

Mentioned below list of companies were profited by our engineering consulting service:

Industrial enterprises:

Research branch institutes and chief design engineering organizations:


We offer to you to entrust to our specialists the solution of your engineering problems. You may rely on skilled consulting, honest work and trustworthy business partnership.


With success regarding for you and your business,

CEO of OJSC "Remontno-tekhnologicheskaya kompaniya"

Yuriy V. Bykov



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